This is just a RP forum. Please read the instructions and Rules before registering or anything. Thank you!!
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PostSubject: Registering   Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:22 pm

Okay I know most of you are like: WTF I'm not dumb I can register!! The thing is, some people don't. So just read...please. Okay so just press the 'Register' button which is under the banner [big picture at the top]. After, just fill in the information on there. Your 'username' doesn't have to be your real name or your character's name. It can be ANYTHING you want. Then press send. You'll be asked to confirm password and type in the code. I made a change there. Normally, you wouldn't have to type the code in, but that meant that when you pressed 'send' again, you'd have to go check your e-mail and activate your account. So the code is there because the change I made was to AUTOMATICALLY ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Isn't that great? Good. At the end, it should say something about the account and something like 'to log in, please click here'. And so you click the 'here'. All clear? ^^ Good! :] Now goooo ahead and read the Rules...they're pretty important....and so are ALL the topics in 'Instructions'.

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