This is just a RP forum. Please read the instructions and Rules before registering or anything. Thank you!!
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 Very Important Rules!!

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PostSubject: Very Important Rules!!   Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:33 pm

Here are a few of the rules. Don't worry, they won't be the sort that you can't post because of them or whatever!

1. Yaoi and Yuri is obviously accepted. But at the right category [where it says '~Yaoi/Yuri RP~'...but read the information first, eh?]
2. You play your RP buddy's crush, and the RP buddy plays yours.
3. I'm also OK with cusses, lemons and anything that makes you happy!
4. If you don't like one-liners, please let everyone else know, maybe by posting an announcement or whatever. I don't want people having arguments over one-liners and not posting and whatever.
5. All plots accepted.
6. If you are posting OFF-TOPIC, put 'OOC' before your message.
7. You are registered on here to POST, okay? If you are not posting on here for almost a week, I'll send a message and see if you still RP. If I don't get a reply or you still don't post, you will be deleted, and so will your RPs with any other user.
8. You are allowed to use bold, itallics or coloured writing.
9. No text talk please.
10. Have fuuuun! ^^

P.S: You've probably noticed that the RP categories only have 'Information' put in them. That is because I am waiting for you guys to register. Once you are registered, I will make a new category just below 'information' , and it's title will be yours and your RP buddy's usernames [e.g ~username1~username2~]. Of course, if you RP with one person, that doesn't mean you can't RP with other people, so keep sending me the form whenever you want to RP with someone. Please make sure that the person you wanna RP with also wants to RP with you before telling me to write the names, okay?! [I think most of you will find what I just said pretty damn if it IS confusing you, send me a message, I'll explain!]

P.P.S: Where it says 'Yaoi/Yuri RP Characters' and the other two, that's where you make your own topic and add your RP characters [I made mine before you so you can take a look at that and see what I mean].


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Very Important Rules!!
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